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Charlie Brooker's Screen burn: Spartacus: Blood And Sand

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Spartacus attempted to break out through Crassus' lines, and at first his men fought several successful battles against the Roman Army. However, all the asskicking that the gladiators were doing finally made them a little too overconfident and despite Spartacus' orders they launched a full-on assault of Crassus' lines and suffered a crushing defeat. While it's true that "gladiator" is probably one of the most badass professions this side of "ninja", "zamboni driver" and "t-shirt cannon operator", back in Roman times it wasn't all just dudes running around in skirts having fun and games at the old ball park and Russell Crowe's biceps - it was a tough fucking job, and the sheer nature of the profession meant that it had very few perks and a mortality rate that makes deep-sea Alaskan King Crab fishing look like a routine day at the pillow fluff inspection factory. The Romans tried to dislodge him once or twice, but were unsuccessful.

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